More note serendipity - Showing your notes on Google search results

Hi everyone,

Evernote has a nice feature that shows your notes on Google search results. I think this type of feature would be tremendously helpful to increase the serendipity of my old notes when I need to review them (= exact moment I search for sth).

I think I could build a chrome extension that shows related local markdown notes on Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing search results.

Does anyone want to try this out? I’d start if there is sufficient interest.


I’d be very interested in this!

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Sounds very useful.

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Have used a few tools in the past that did this (including Evernote) and have always found it very useful. Would love to have this for Obsidian!


sounds great! Would love to see it implemented~

Let’s all upvote the post!!

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That’s sounds pretty good. Tbh I’ve never used that feature on evernote but I’ll love to try it with obsidian :file_cabinet: :fire:

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@EhuddRomero : I used Evernote years ago, tried that feature, then dropped it because it was not giving me what I expected. So, I am with you on that one.

Having said that, Obsidian is far superior to Evernote, so, like you, I would like to try it with Obs.

I upvoted the OP.


This would be so cool, an additional UI example for a tool that is completely unrelated is keywords everywhere


I would find this extremely valuable!!

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+1 interested

Definitely interested.

can’t wait to see it