More heading levels

Use case or problem

7 Levels of headings is quite an odd number and sometimes not enough.

Proposed solution


10-20 Levels of headings,
the level of heading would not be accessable with multiple # hashtags behind eachother or a number followed by a 1 or 2 hashtags to define the syntax.


Heading level 3 (### or 3# or 3##)
Heading level 6 (###### or 6# or 6##)

Why not a third symbol instead of a second hashtag?
Because its easier to type the same symbol twice.

“3#” could be already used syntax for some people wether it has a special function.
This is why i strongly suggest “3##” as syntax.


They should use rainbow colors till heading 10, then the font changes to something obviosly different and the color sheme repeats till heading 20.

Rainbow headings is a theme i believe however it should be default. Vanilla obsidian is not a great experience unfortunately.


But this would make Obsidian incompatible with every other markdown editor. Markdown has six levels of headings; Word has nine; you need org-mode to go significantly further; or use an outlined.


Is it really that difficult? :frowning:

We really need a system which allows for syntax extention as long as the syntax is not used otherwise.

Not that difficult to do probably, but the resulting incompatibilities would be extraordinarily hard to resolve.


I agree with @SomeDude, having discussions about syntax extension in Obsidian community is beneficial at least. We already have %% %% syntax for comments for example. In a sense Obsidian itself started discussion about syntax extension. Markdown files involving %% %% syntax are not rendered correctly in other markdown editors. Question is that how much incompatibilities Obsidian could introduce to other markdown editors before making Obsidian too incompatible with other markdown editors. It is clear that syntax extensions can impress some hearts resulting uplift to Obsidian’s future. In other words resources spent on syntax extensions can later come with positive returns.

Do you need more than 6 levels?
I think I’ve never used beyond the 4 :slight_smile:

What are you use case? Even in a long text in single note, six levels are good I think.

Yes but he also talked about the elegance of 3##. I agree this perspective. It would be cool to determine heading level using such syntax.

It’s not rendered but is readable and doesn’t create an incompatibility. Easy enough to bulk change or remove.

Having too many headings is much more profound, because they’re used for a wide range of other functions.

The usual method with OPML, when there are too many levels to read on import into markdown is to make the extra headings into bullets. To an extent that can be set up to export back again into bullets. But outlines and bullets in markdown don’t work in the same way.

I really don’t see the developers ever implementing more heading levels than the standard, even if they might sometimes introduce a different extension. If you want a very large number of headings, you’d be better off with org (though few editors read it :rofl:) or go outliner - Logseq, Roam, Workflowy et al. Or develop a hybrid workflow using markdown files and an outliner. Database apps aren’t limited to any given number of headings but I’m not sure which, if any, might meet a need for more heading levels.

I am developing concepts for multiple video games and i reference 30-80 other games.

I was using headings quite a lot but i would rather use callouts because the outline color helps me with seeing the levels of larger notes easier.

But callouts dont look colorful when you edit them in live preview. And headings inside callouts are not treated as real headings.

Sure i can make a note of every heading but that doesnt make sense when the note is only a few paragraphs long.

Anyway 6 Headings is quite an arbitrary number. But ill gues this is the least important thread so the mods can close it.

Not really arbitrary. HTML defines 6 levels and markdown was designed as a precursor to HTML.

Sorry, we are not going to do this in core. Moved to plugin ideas.

For @SomeDude and others Pandoc’s Markdown offers quite extended markdown syntax. For example heading attributes and divs with attributes. Attributes can be used for filters.