More granular control of sync on mobile

Use case or problem

My primary use-case for Obsidian mobile is reading PDFs and highlighting info to eventually turn into Evergreen notes, as well as capture info that needs to be captured (I process my emails and other stuff on mobile typically).

That being said, I often find myself adding stuff to Obsidian like PDFs and such, which is much easier now that 1.0 is out and the share function on Android works so well. Unfortunately, I’m unable push capture documents or content to Sync without pulling similar data back. Being in the medical field, I constantly read PDFs so I have many in my vault. More and more of these are being archived for potential later use or removed if no use is required afterward. Most of the time, however, if an Evergreen notes comes out of it; I keep it for reference just in case.

Proposed solution

As I clearly don’t have the same space available for all of these PDFs on my Android device as I do my desktops, I’d love the ability to be able to sync PDFs/audio/video/etc by folder if needed (or whole vault as an option). Additionally, it’d be great if I could place a PDF or other attachment into a folder whose attachments aren’t synced with the current device (i.e. mobile), which would allow Obsidian Sync to push the document to desktop but remove it from mobile once synced. That way, I could keep the PDFs or other attachments I want on mobile without filling up space needlessly.

Current workaround (optional)

I currently don’t have one. However, I guess one option would be to keep all or most large attachments in a Cloud solution and simply link to it but that seems tedious.

Sync you can select some folders not to be synced, why don’t you put the files that you don’t want synced there.