More apparent pane/note/tab selection

I don’t know the name of the exact thing I’m trying to reference in the interface, so here’s a screenshot:
Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 9.36.29 AM

My problem is how difficult it is to tell which pane is selected, with the Zettelkasten file (the selected one) being only slightly darker than the other titles.

I figured this would be a theme issue, but I’ve tried 4 different themes that all have this issue.

How can I make it more obvious which pane/tab is selected?

Thank you!

Here’s a CSS snippet I use to set the active tab’s text to the accent color:

body .workspace-tabs {
  --tab-text-color-active: var(--interactive-accent);

CleanShot-Obsidian-import HANDLEBARS - Playground - Obsidian v1.5.3-2024-01-21-12.31.42

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This doesn’t seem to be working for me on macOS or Linux. I switched back to the default theme to make sure that wasn’t preventing it from working, but everything still looks the same.

When I select the window of another application I see that the active Obsidian tab does highlight like in your screenshot. But when I click the Obsidian window the purple tab goes back to bolded black.

I’ll keep poking at it and see what’s up.

This is what got it working as expected for me:

body .workspace-tabs {
  --tab-text-color-focused-active-current: var(--interactive-accent);

I’m not sure why mine might be working differently.

Someone was kind enough to do a deep dive into the differences a while ago:

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