Mood and sleep tracker

I’ve been using daily notes with tags to track mood and sleep, and have been trying to find a plugin (or combination of plugins) to represent a grid of those results. Ideally, it’d be a calendar with different colors based on the mood or sleep tag.

The way the tags work for me: I have a list of terms in the daily note template to describe sleep or mood. For example, for sleep, there’s this sentence: “Last night, I slept: verybadly badly fair well verywell.” When I start the note in the morning, I put a hash in front of the right descriptor to turn it into a tag. I do mood at the end of the day in a similar way.

Juggl’s grid view comes closest to displaying a helpful summary of these, allowing me to set up a color scheme based on the mood or sleep tag in each note. However, the order of notes is unpredictable. Juggl doesn’t order them by name (which is YYYY-MM-DD).

I looked at Obsidian Query Language, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be the right fit. Either that, or I don’t understand it.

Anyone aware of any plugin (or combination of plugins) that would help me create a summary/calendar view by tag? How about any outside apps on Mac or iOS?

I imagine I could wrestle something in Python or some other similar solution, but I’m no expert on that side of things.

The plugin idea here would be a configurable “tracker” …

Like pyrochlore/obsidian-tracker: A plugin tracks occurrences and numbers in your notes ( It has a lovely new calendar display.

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This looks promising! Can’t believe I missed it. Thanks!

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