Monitoring for External Changes


This has been asked before it seems but I am not sure there is an answer.

If I edit an Obsidian file using an external editor (vim, sublime, etc), and the file is open in Obsidian, it won’t display the changes until I close and reopen the file.

I have a macro/shortcut that writes a task to an “Inbox” note. The danger is if I change a note that’s been updated by the macro before opening/closing it, I overwrite the changes from the macro.



I’m not quite sure what you’re asking for us to help you with.

But you’re quite right that to open a file for editing in two editors at the same time is dangerous, and asking for trouble. I do believe that the best cause of action is to stop doing that, and be sure to close the file in either editor before editing/changing it through macros or similar in the other editor.

There is also a command in the menus called “Force reload”, but I’m not sure if that would just reload Obsidian itself, or also all files within the editor. It could be worth a try, if you’re adamant about not closing down files before possibly changing them in another editor.

Thank you. It wasn’t two editors so much an iOS Shortcuts Action updating a file.

I ended up just moving to Obsidian Sync and all my problems magically went away.

Obsidian picks up on external changes on iOS and Mac— I just tested it now with iA Writer on iOS and CotEditor on Mac.

I’m not sure why switching to Obsidian Sync would fix the problem, but I’m glad it got fixed.

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