Modifying CSS - Adding Color to Obsidian

Things I have tried

This css was posted previously

I am having troble understanting the nesting function.

I don;t understand the css code with regards to the FoldA, FoldB, etc. When I change these folder colors they do not flow thru to represent my level 2 level 3 folders. So I changed Fold1 to blue. When I make subfolder (level 2) the very first subfolder also shows the same blue I guess becuase it is the first folder at the level when I want level two to be different. But then when i create level 3 and level 4 it also reproduces the same blue at each level. Even though for FoldA and FoldB and FoldC I have other colors whihc do not seem to sow anywhere that I Can tell. Not working out. Can someone direct me to the part if the css file I need to modify to get the sub-level foders to work?

What I’m trying to do

Modify the css so that all folders at each level share the same color. All blue on level 1, red level two, etc.

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