Modify title padding in canvas notes using css

What I’m trying to do

Hi all! I’m trying to reduce the whitespace between the top border of a note and the heading when displaying the note in the canvas. Currently 40% of the screen-estate on canvas is eaten up by whitespace, I’d like to remove some of it, see image:

Things I have tried

I tried to do this using css snippets, I can modify the position of the content inside the note using padding-top, but I can only increase the padding and not decrease it.

.canvas-node-container:has(.canvas-notiz) {
	padding-top: -50px; // only works in positive direction (increase)
	// margin-top: -50px; // moves the note but not the content

Any ideas what I am missing?

Found it:
--heading-spacing: -0em;
This did the trick :slight_smile:. It also works with negative values, but in the end I used this snippet:

.canvas-node-container {
	--heading-spacing: 0em;

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