Modal to customize a reusable note

I’m writing a document in Obsidian that I will be reusing mostly the same several times. The difference is one paragraph which I will adapt to various recipients.

Is there a way/plugin/modal, etc. to customize that one paragraph but so that in case I change something somewhere else I don’t have to remember to change all copies of that file?

Something like a fork of the file that retains the upstream elements?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The easiest thing to do would just be to have the everything that stays the same in one note, then embed that file using ![[parent note]] and just add anything new beneath it.

If it need to look the same, there are clean-embbed css snippets that will make it look seamless

That’s one way, thanks :slight_smile:

My preferred method is to use templater:

<% tp.file.include(“[[Note To Be Included]]”) %>

What does tp.file.include do?

See the Templater documention tp.file - Templater

OK, but wouldn’t I have to always change the template itself if I wanted to include a different file there? My goals was to be able to use the main file for a few different cases and exchange a paragraph.

You can insert templates based on variables on file’s frontmatter. Or you could use tp.system.suggester to select values for tp.file.include. If you have 5-10 different options for the main template then creating separate template for each sub case should be sufficient. Even after doing so, you can have system.suggester to query filenames etc.

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