Modal for outgoing links

So far I haven’t found a plugin that makes navigating towards outgoing links a keyboard friendly thing and i’d love to find a plugin for that or see other plugins implement it in a keyboard friendly way.

There are some plugins that implement navigating to backlinks very well, like GitHub - darlal/obsidian-switcher-plus: Enhanced Quick Switcher plugin for and GitHub - tadashi-aikawa/obsidian-another-quick-switcher: This is an Obsidian plugin which is another choice of Quick switcher.

Unfortunately outgoing links are not supported in the same way, backlinks are. Quick Switcher+ enables you through a “Symbol Search” to navigate the cursor inside a file towards a link and from there open that link, but a nice and clean implementation into a modal window with additional shortcuts to open in new tab / window / pane would be very welcome to a keyboard centered approach of navigating your vault. I think the best solution would be to mirror the core plugin “outgoing links” which lists all outgoing links in order of occurence in the active file and filtering out duplicates.

Cheers :slight_smile: