MOCs as a means for indexing

I’m new to Obsidian and off to a pretty good start. I’m trying to get a grasp on how to keep it organized as notes and number of topics grow. I’m building a MOC for each subject area, and indexing MOCS on an index/home page. This works nicely for a relatively small system, but how will it hold up with thousands of notes? Does every note link to a MOC, or do MOCs just link to a few representative key notes per cluster, and then depend on interlinking between the notes themselves? I’m trying to understand how a higher level , but less rigid system remains cohesive as it grows from hundreds of notes to hundreds of topics and thousands of notes. Any insights appreciated.

I have an MoC for each project in Obsidian, and open each one as needed using the QuickOpen command.

I don’t call them MoCs. I call them Project Notes, and prefix the name of each note with P-, which makes them easily searched using QuickOpen.

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Thanks- what I’m wondering though, is whether you link every note to a Project Note, or do you link just some key notes to get you into a node and then use note-to-note links from there. Or another way to ask it is, are notes that don’t link directly back to a top level note considered orphans?

I link every note to a project note. I link project notes to higher-level MoCs and the highest-level MoC links to a dashboard notes.

At least that’s the theory. In reality, I’m sloppy—and while I’d like to clean up my vault, it’s not a priority for me. I’m OK as long as I can find everything and I get done what I need to get done

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This is a simple dataview MOC I use in most of my project folders as well as reference folders. This is for a folder called Concepts. There is no need to link each note back to a project note. The project note can easily have a dataview script that dynamically pulls in all related notes by a tag or some other properties key.

Unless its some very specialized project where you want every note connected to every other note in the project… I do have a couple of those, but mostly that seems like overkill.

My 2 cents. Everyone needs different things. My Obsidian setup evolved and at one point I scrapped the PARA organization concept and invented my own.

FROM #concept
WHERE contains(file.tags, “#concept”) AND !=
SORT asc

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