Mochi Cards Exporter

This is an exporter plugin that you can use to make Mochi Cards. The plugin exports a deck to a “.mochi” file which can be imported to Mochi.

The only thing required is for you to tag any portions of your note with the default #card (or your own custom tag name) and mark end of card with a section divider ‘—’ or ‘***’

If you use flashcards to memorize concepts, Mochi is a good alternative to Anki, with a modern look and uses a spaced repetition algorithm.

Even though Mochi uses Markdown, you can not maintain notes like Obsidian. It’s designed for flashcards, hence the motivation for the plugin.

Checkout the repo on GitHub

Hope you like it.



Stupid question: how do you “run” the pluggin in Obsidian ? I create a sample file with the recommended syntax but I cannot find how to generate a mochi file.

Thank you in advance.

Nevermind, I found out: Ctrl+P did the trick :slight_smile: Thank you, very useful plugin.