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This may have been mentioned before. The mobile toolbar becomes mixed with the text and is not clickable until you leave the keyboard, i.e. go to preview mode or anything that takes the keyboard out of view. Bringing the keyboard back into function, all is then good again, until it happens again and the above steps need done again.

Something to add to this.

  • How to replicate the issue.
    • Pasting from another source into Obsidian seems to be a way to replicate this.

I can’t seem to repro. Does scrolling the page also fix this issue? I remember seeing it flash once a long time ago.

It does not fix this. The only way to get the mobile toolbar is collapse the tool bar and then reenable it.

It has not did this for a while. Perhaps it was related to the curser going below keyboard fix you put out here:

@everyone Hey guys, Obsidian Mobile v0.0.13 is now available for testing!

- Added `obsidian://` URI handler.
- Added "Insert attachment" toolbar item (needs to be configured).
- Fixed iCloud files with spaces and special characters don't refresh when they're edited elsewhere.
- Fixed left drawer animation.
- Fixed cursor goes under toolbar when pressing enter.
- Fixed small editor glitch with Japanese and Chinese input.
- Fixed copy to clipboard on Android.

Could you post a screenshot of what it looks like?

I will do that if it happens again. Like mentioned above, this has not happened in a while.

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It did do it once again. I was not able to get a screenshot of this happening.

The characteristic of behavior was and is like the mobile toolbar is not there. Clicking on the tool in the toolbar takes you to the place in the note that is behind the tool you click, rather than implementing the function of the said tool.

The toolbar in this instance did not look any different, as it did in the past. It looked perfectly normal. Another words, a screenshot would not have shown any difference.

The reason I missed the screenshot, I was going to do a screen recording instead. I swiped down to activate the screen recording and upon return, the toolbar worked perfectly as expected.

I am not trying to bombard you with this issue, just trying to present the facts when happening to give a better understanding.

Here is a screenshot of the toolbar when not functioning. I don’t know if it is Theme (appearance/theme) related? I recently switched back to the theme I generally use. The last few days, I was using the default theme. The Sliding Panes is always on and I do not suspect it to be that.

This is the normal functioning toolbar;

This is the one not working:

I’ll +1 this issue instead of making a new report.

On iOS 15.1. I am able to repro consistently with these steps:

  1. Tap to edit a note (bringing up toolbar)
  2. Leave app (but do not close it)
  3. Reenter app

A scroll does appear to fix it, but it’s annoying if my cursor is already in the place I want to edit when I return to the app. If I’m reading on my phone I frequently switch between the text and Obsidian, especially to copy/paste.

Thanks for the awesome platform!

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Same bug happens to me frequently, also with themes / CSS turned off and safe mode enabled.

Yes, +1 as this happens really frequently to me. Do not find an obvious trigger, even after disabling all themes and plugins.

is this still happening with default theme and no third party plugins?
can you provide reproducible steps?

Hasn’t happened to me in a long time now - but I also didn’t pay attention to it.

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