Mobile toolbar commands editor: can't move commands in list higher or lower of the screen

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just not implemented

In the mobile toolbar commands placements editor, I can’t move commands higher or lower in the commands list, while hovering the command that I move on upper or bottom sides of screen.
Also trying to do this to the upper side of the screen gives weird jumping effect.


Operating system: android 11 (realme RMX3581)
Obsidian version: 1.4.4 (99)
API version: v1.2.7
Login status: logged in
Catalyst license: none
Live preview: on
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: dark
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 0
Restricted mode: on


My old report from 2021 was moved to bug graveyard recently, but this is the same bug. Still happens to me too with the latest version of Obsidian.

will be fixed mobile v1.4.13

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