Mobile sync problems with iCloud

What I’m trying to do

After I worked for 8 months only with the desktop version, I wanted to use the mobile app on iPhone and iPad.

Things I have tried

After I started, I got the message “Waiting for iCloud to synchronize Obsidian configuration files…” and then the App was stuck.

After several tries (restarting app, restarting iPhone etc.) I managed to succeed on the iPhone. But the synchronization is not correct. I got more files on the mobile than on the desktop version. The files I had deleted in the last few days still appear on the iPhone mobile version.

And on the iPad, I am still stuck with the waiting message about iCloud synchronization. Restarting iPad / Obsidian several times did not help. I could not manage to get Obsidian mobile to work.

It seems to me that the synchronization with iCloud is not very reliable. Is this true, or is there anything I overlooked?

In the meanwhile, after several times reloading Obsidian on my iPhone, the synchronization finally is up-to-date and correct.

The same happened with my iPad version: I noticed that after a new restart of Obsidian, sometimes (not always) the program indexed (and synchronized) numerous files before it crashed. I have this done now about 20 times and succeeded in indexing and synchronizing my files finally.

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