[Mobile] Setting up iOS git-based syncing with mobile app (using Working Copy)

I wonder why is it hard to make it? Like, why doesn’t git work in mobile at the first place?

To anyone trying to combine the iCloud Vault with a github repo:

I encountered the same Problem as other people in this chat, namely that iCloud seems to (temporarily?) append " 2" to the File Name (but keeping the File Extension e.g. “.md”)

Since you cannot exempt the “.git” repo from iCloud Sync, this even destroys the remote refs so GIT throws Errors.

While you can fix individual renames, I now encountered a mass-rename which renders this solution unusable.

I have also tried the git-plugin, but that frequently hang and stopped to work when I added several thousand files.

The next thing I will try is the Working Copy iOs App.
Does anyone have a better idea to make the GIT work on iPhone?

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You really shouldn’t mix syncing services. Use only one. Working Copy will work fine for Git, as described in the guide in this thread.

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What are your experiences with the git plugin? With me, it frequently hang and after I added ca. 9000 Files it seems that pulling never stops on my IPhone.
The Obsidian app stops responding and the Phone kills it.

This thread is not about the Git plugin; to report issues for that plugin, it’s best to go to its GitHub repository.

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The guide I was referencing doesn’t particularly concern Obsidian Git. I don’t use it, either.

True, but what do you guys use on Desktop? It would be great to have something super simple also on desktop like working copy on mobile.

Is it compatible with Obsidian Git? Asked because manual pushing/pulling is annoying.

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You mean, you want to use working copy on iOS and obsidian git on desktop? Since both are using git, it should work.

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I mean working copy and obsidian git on the same IOS device. Theoretically, the working copy can provide the .git files, and the obsidian git can do the autopush. You can use obsidian git on an android if you have the .git files even if you don’t have git installed, but it’s pretty buggy. So I wonder whether you can do the same thing on IOS.

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I am also trying to get a working-copy-downloaded git repo to sync with git-for-obsidian, and it seems to not work because of the nature of the .git folder generated by working copy (if I use an ssh or https protocol to clone the repo with working copy, different errors occur). More details here - let’s see what happens!

Consider cloning your repo with protocol https instead of git/ssh in WC (Obsidian Git cannot use SSH) and if it is still not working, maybe try installing an earlier version of Obsidian Git.

Hi, I have a question about how to do synchronizing on Iphone automatically. Now I can write the notes on the Iphone and do commit and push manually by using obsidian git and working copy. Is there a way to do the autopush and autopull?