Mobile Quick action bar rows [Bug]


[ ] iOS
[ x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.14.2

Since a couple of updates ago, the Quick action toolbar only has 1 row. I have the advanced mobile toolbar plugin, and I set the width to 2 rows. The bar occupies the whole 2 rows width, but the buttons remain arranged in only 1 row.

I guess you’re confusing the toolbar with the advanced mobile toolbar plugin

At least on mobile, I’ve never seen any option to configure multiple toolbar rows without a plugin

I am a bit confused. But I know for sure that the bar with the quick actions that yiu can see in the screenshot used to have 2 rows, until a few updates ago. So something has changed somewhere, and it is making my life a bit more difficult.

It is the one configured here, in the screenshot, so I guess it is the Obsidian native one

I don’t know what happened or what changed, but it is fixed now.

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