Mobile Quick Action Bar Resets Itself

Steps to reproduce

  1. Customize Order of Quick Action Bar
  2. Close app
  3. Come back at later date

Expected result

  • The quick action bar has retained my customized order

Actual result

Once in a while I open it and I find that the bar has reset itself to the default


  • Operating system: iOS
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.4

Additional information

No community plugins on mobile, but community plugins on desktops. Obsidian sync used to sync up with an iPad, a macOS computer, and a Linux computer.


We are gonna need more precise repro steps.

How do you sync all these things?

Sorry about that, edited the original: I’m using Obsidian sync.

I have the same problem and am using Obsidian Sync on a Mac, an iPad, and an iPhone.

I got the impression that the Mac was discarding the “mobileToolbarCommands” part of .obsidian/app.json and then syncing it back. It definitely happened once after I had returned home and woke the Mac and its copy of Obsidian synced up. I turned off Settings > Sync > Main settings and it hasn’t happened again yet (tho only 24 hours or less have passed since then).

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Sorry if a dumb question, but is this the quick action bar? I can’t find “quick action bar” in the Obsidian help docs.

How do you rearrange these?

The bar above my keyboard is the quick action bar. It only shows up on mobile.

I don’t know how to rearrange those (or even if you can).

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@alexv Got it. Thanks.

You rearrange the Quick Action bar in Settings > Mobile. I don’t see it mentioned in the help, either.

I’m pixel 3XL using obsidian Android app and obsidian sync.

The quick action bar is awesome (rearranging the buttons to most frequently used, natural language, QuickAdd shortcuts, toggle collapse all paragraphs)… Until the toolbar button order resets itself.

This is happening apparently each time I switch from mobile back to Windows desktop and back to mobile.

  • obsidian desktop v0. 12.15
  • obsidian mobile 0.14
  • syncing using obsidian sync, settings as shown below.
  • .obsidian config folder for both desktop and mobile - although I don’t know how to use the config folder differently.
  • OS windows 10

Thanks for opening this topic!

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On the bright side, this issue finally got me to create a forum account. Experiencing this as well on my iPhone using iPhone/iPad/Mac. It might also be occurring on my iPad but I don’t use the toolbar there so I wouldn’t notice.

It’s fairly frustrating, obviously UI is a little tricky on the phone and the mobile bar is a great compromise. I rely on it heavily and spend a lot of time picking and arranging my actions. For example, since I can’t set a default new note templates without learning Javascript or messing up my Daily Note, Insert Template is usually my first action. It’s already more taps than I would like, but it works well enough to get me writing.

Disabling settings sync would be difficult, not having to think about different configurations is why I started paying for Obsidian. I hope this gets figured out, I don’t prefer working on my phone but it’s the device I always have on me so this feature is important.

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My Quick Actions toolbar hasn’t reset since my last post 5 days ago, so it looks like turning off Settings > Sync > Main settings works around the problem (it’s not ideal, but I can live with it for now because I don’t change my main settings often). I still have sync enabled for all the other settings.

In my previous post, I mentioned I had an older mobile version.

I have updated to Obsidian Android 1.0.4 from the Play Store and the Mobile quick action bar hasn’t reset since. :+1:

  • macOS 11.5.2 - Obsidian 0.12.15
  • iOS 15 (beta 8) - Obsidian 1.0.4
  • Obsidian Sync - everything syncing except active and installed community plugins.

After finding out those icons are the quick action toolbar, I moved a bunch of things around, and can confirm it has reset itself twice in the past week.

I’ll try what @CawlinTeffid suggested and turn off Settings > Sync > Main settings and report back. Why should I need to do that if this quick action bar isn’t even in macOS?

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Mobile 1.0.5, still having this problem. I’m surprised I can’t find more discussion on this, does nobody else use Sync and make changes to this toolbar?

The only proposed solution is to disable sync, which isn’t much of a solution. This bug is the difference between me using mobile Obsidian heavily or barely touching it. Anybody have any luck?

this bug will be fixed in 1.0.6


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