Mobile Obsidian problem"Waiting for iCloud to synchronise configuration files""

What I’m trying to do

Obsidian working fine on Mac laptop and Mac mini with synch via iCloud. However Obsidian has stopped working on my iPhone 14 and instead the following error message keeps appearing every few seconds “Waiting for iCloud to synchronise configuration files”. this then disappears to display the file list or open file before the error message appears again. This behaviour loops round endlessly.

Things I have tried

I have tried:
1 Deleting Obsidian on my iPhone and fully reinstalling mobile Obsidian from the App store. This does not change the situation
2Checking my md files for particularly large files especially attachments which I deleted. This did not help either
3 I have NOT tried resetting my iPhone yet but could do so if necessary.

Please can anyone suggest the cause of my problem and any solutions?
Many thanks in advance ce