[Mobile] Note Navigation arrows

Use Case or Problem

When navigating through notes via links you often need to get back to the parent notes. In the desktop version you can do this with the arrows in the title bar or with a keyboard shortcut.
This however is not possible on mobile (phone).

Proposed solution

Adding arrows to the top or bottom to navigate backwards and forwards through notes/links that you visited before.
Or (maybe not possible): swiping to the right or left on the edge of your screen (just like iOS navigation). Sidebars can be relocated to buttons instead of swiping.


Customizing the toolbar:

Scroll the bottom toolbar all the way to the right
Click on Wrench & Screwdriver icon
Click on Mobile
Scroll all the way to the bottom:
Add global command
Click on Select a command
Navigate back
… repeat
Navigate forward
… customize …
You may want to move these up so as to always have them visible without scrolling the menu bar.

PS: There also is a plugin that enables multiple rows & making it visible all the time.


I could not agree more with this feature enhancement on the mobile (phone and tablet) the swipe-down and hunting for Navigate-Back is a pain. Maybe to allow most customization, allow users to add common shortcut icons to the nav. bar as we like (?) …most flexible in case other don’t find this as annoying as we do.

Thank you for sharing this.

Especially the plug-in makes this work just like I wanted it to.

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