Mobile Long Press to open backlinks in a new tab

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I have edited the post as suggested to make things more clear. Apologies if I was not clear enough the first time

Issue/ feature request

I would like to be able to open a specific linked reference from the backlinks section for a given file/ note in a new tab on mobile

In this case Android phone - I don’t use IOS phone so cannot verify if issue exists there as well or not. Would appreciate it if users of iOS phone could verify if issue exists there as well :slight_smile:

problem/ use case

When I interact with the linked references (IE hard pressing the linked reference) currently the only available action is to jump to the specified file

Proposed solution/ desired outcome

When I am on the desktop app I can right click the linked reference & a menu to open the reference in a new tab appears

Would like to be able to do the same thing on the mobile. That is, being able to hard press (or some other trigger method) the linked reference & have it open in a new tab



How do you feel about “[Feature] Option to open backlinks in new a tab” for the title?

[Feature] to match the Mobile category convention and clarify that opening in a new tab when clicking tapping a linked reference would be a nice option.

That would be a nice option as well

Basically I want to jump around less asl I need to use the phone when in the field.

In other apps I would edit the linked references directly as I don’t have to jump any where. If Obsidian would allow it to be done in a different tab that would be a reasonable compromise

Just to clarify your thought is when you open the linked reference to have it open in the new tab with that title?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I’m talking about the title of this post in the forum here. Right now it’s “Backlinks tab for Android phone”.

It’s a bit unclear, any features added would be for Android and iOS, and it belongs in the Mobile category. Just asking if my suggestion was OK for you. I can change it.

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I don’t use the forum often so if you feel that is a better approach. I included Android in the title of only because the desktop app can already do this

However, I am good with anything that is more clear. So if I was not clear enough I suppose it should be edited

No worries! Done.

It’s a good feature request. Gets a :purple_heart: from me!

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One workaround, for now, is to pin the note you are working in (with the linked mentions at the bottom). Tapping a linked mention opens a tab/switches tabs, keeping the original note open in a tab (the few times I tried).


When I pin the file with the linked references as mentioned above it keeps the file that is pinned. However, it replaces my other tab that is already open

IE If I have 3 tabs open & I click on the linked references of the pinned file it replaces one of the other opened tabs with the linked reference. In other words it replaces the content of one of the opened tabs that aren’t pinned instead of opening a new tab

Although I could pin each opened tab that does make things a bit counter productive. However, at least it is something. If I didn’t have any other tabs opened this would work great

Thanks for the work around. At least there is an option to make things a little better


Oh wow, great workaround! This somewhat alleviates my pain with dragging links being annoying and pointless on mobile. No more struggling to open multiple new tabs from a page and accidently dragging instead!