[Mobile](iPad&Android)Cursor loses visibility when writing in table columns

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Steps to reproduce

Write any text larger than 150 letter.

Expected result

The cursor should remain visible and on holding the screen for a few seconds should highlight the character under it.

Actual result

And the cursor will disappear. It then becomes impossible to get back to that position or track where will you write next.


  • Operating system:
  • Debug info:
    iPad, Android

Additional information

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post a screen recording of this happening in a clean vault.

IMG_0129 (1)

As you can see the cursor goes invisible after a certain character limit. I didn’t show but after that I can’t move it anywhere.

It was a fresh vault btw


It is marked as an issue?

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Before opening a new bug report, please search the forum for duplicates

Yep, it’s right here, was acknowledged two years ago, but closed as inactive. I can’t post there to raise awareness. I just ran into it on iOS, just as described there.

We only consider bugs that are reproducible in the sandbox vault or a vault with no third-party plugins/no css snippets/default theme.

Already happened, just needs followup. Please see original report.

This is a source mode problem. Does it happen with the new tables in live preview?

No, the table works in Live Preview. I agree that the bug is specific to Source Mode.