Mobile: How to move locally stored Obsidian files into icloud

What I have done

This is my first time using Obsidian Mobile and I stupidly choose not to save my files on icloud, instead, I chose locally stored files. Now I can’t access the Obsidian files on my computer and I’m at a lost for what to-do

Things I have tried

I simply can’t find the files on my phone. I’ve tried going into the files app for my phone but they aren’t there.

What should I do?

I don’t want to manually move each and every file from mobile over through typing but if push comes to shove I will do that. I could alternatively buy Obsidian sync but I don’t really want to do that either given I’m using icloud. Is there a way to move the file to icloud from my iPhone?

Things I’m trying

I found where these files are stored. The manual says the files are in a “sandboxed file system of the Obsidian app”. How do I manually access this file system. I’m no tech genius so I’m not sure where to go from here.

Update: The manual has something about “working copy” that can access these files… I’ve never used working copy or github so this will be a learning experience. Does working copy allow you to actually access your files? I wish I knew how to access the secret sandbox file system of Obsidian Mobile.

Here is what works for me:

  1. iPhone/iPad: You need to make sure that there is an Obsidian-icloud folder. To be sure: Start Obsidian app. Create new vault DummyVault and make sure to select “Store in iCloud”. You can later remove this vault. Enter this vault.
  2. iPhone/iPad: Open Files app. Navigate to Storage LocationOn my iphoneObsidian. Within this folder should be your non-icloud-Vault directory. Long tap it and select Copy.
  3. iPhone/iPad: In Files app: Navigate to Storage LocationiCloud DriveObsidian. Within this folder should be your DummyVault. Long tap in the background and select Paste. This should copy your vault folder over to iCloud.
  4. iPhone/iPad: Open Obsidian app. Assuming you are still in DummyVault, select menu icon and then select icon to open another vault. The vault list appears. Your vault should be in the list.
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