Mobile disables "editor-status" plugin due to lack of feature parity

With the latest Obsidian Version. The new editor-status core plugin gets reset to disabled by mobile.

Steps to reproduce

Turn on the editor-status core plugin on the desktop, in my case I commit the core-plugins.json to git.

A git diff shows “editor-status” added to the list.

Sync to mobile, open mobile obsidian application.

Mobile updates the core-plugins.json to remove the “editor-status” plugin.

File shows as modified in git, with line removed.

If I commit this to git, it will and does disable it on desktop. I assume this goes for other sync solutions as well.

Expected result

Mobile should ignore unrecognized core-plugins and leave them in the settings. It should only look for core-plugins that it is aware of.

Actual result

Mobile doesn’t recognize the new “editor-status” core plugin, as expected, but removes it from the config.


  • Operating system: IOS 15
  • Debug info:

Additional information

core-plugins.json format should probably be updated to contain a key:value pair of plug-in name and minimal supported version or version introduced, that way it’s easier for each app to determine the core-plugins supported and ignore ones that are pinned to a higher or lower version.

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Could it be a solutions, to exclude the core-plugins.json file from sync?
Or even better solution: Setting the sync-direction between desktop and mobile to Desktop → Mobile (one-way-sync)?