Mobile app fails to render mermaid chart on boot

Steps to reproduce

  1. (On Android Mobile App) Add the following mermaid chart to a note:
  step1[Some Step Here]
  step2[Another Step Here]

  step1 --> step2
  1. Close the app
  2. Open the app again (with it set to automatically reopen the last note)

Expected result

It renders the chart correctly.

Actual result

It throws an error.


  • Operating system: Android (Obsidian v1.0.5)
  • Debug info: N/A

Additional information

If you go to another note and back, it will begin rendering correctly again.

I can reproduce this error in my own vault. I can prevent the error happening by indenting the flowchart line.

THis will probably be fixed when the mobile app is updated with newer mermaid version.