Mobile App: Border between panes appearing over file explorer after using „split vertically/horizontally“

Steps to reproduce

In mobile app, use „split vertically“ or „split horizontally“, then open the file explorer.

Expected result

file explorer should slide over the border/separator between the panes

Actual result

border between the panes (only the border) lies over the file explorer


  • Operating system: iOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.0.14 (1)

Additional information

![image|231x500](upload://ewQcL3IrvFGB8eOt9k25oYztrSU.jpeg) ![image|231x500](upload://xnmvzX8CBJMzVG2ivsO6n1LwkPG.jpeg)

you should post in the mobile section of the forum.
Also check out the pinned message in #mobile on discord

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Should be fixed as of 0.0.16

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