Mixed privare and public vault vs dedicated vault for Obsidian Publish: what’s your experience?

I’m about to go Publish for my website. I’m migrating there articles, my goal is to convert the blog to a Digital Garden.

I’m in doubt whether to have just one vault with private and public notes, or to have a dedicated vault where all the notes are public?

What’s your experience about it?

Though I think a dedicated vault would be easier to manage, I think a mixed vault would be better.

I have private projects that rely on infos, articles, papers, notes taken from the Web, so having a dedicated public vault would mean having two vault, and it would be cumbersome since I should take the same notes twice.

I’m confused.


This is the very question I’ve been asking myself today and for the same reasons as you. Until now I’ve been running one vault because it all links with a primary folder for everything I want to publish. That keeps it safer but breaks other organisation strategies.

For example,

  • all people in one folder - risks sharing private information
  • split folders for friends/colleagues and another for public figures

What did you end up going with?