Missing vault!

Hi - I currently have had to take my macbook in to be repaired and I was using Obsidian.

The VAULT system might be the stupidest thing ive ever seen.

I “found out” yesterday that my icloud account is where my default files were being saved? Given that, I figured they were backed up in icloud.

Right now (on a loner computer), when i go to my icloud account, I see obsidian in that account with absolutely 0 files in it!!!

B) Dont charge for digital sncying. All the others (oneNote etc.) do this for free
C) This WILL make or break whether or not I ever use obsidian again, depending on whether or not I can find these notes

Anyone have any ideas?

Are there copies of the vault in your Time Machine backups?

How did you learn this?

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@CawlinTeffid Hey thanks for the help there.

Well, I may have jsut had it with obsidian. This is now the 2nd massive issue ive had with it in a month. Never once had a single issue with OneNote.

Per your inquiry before - yes they were in my cloud … but i never chose that in the beginning??? I hate icloud and never used it. So they I moved the folder outside of my icloud and it caused massive issues.

NOW, i jsut upgraded my MacOS to sonoma. AND, i cannot get obsidian to even open. Ive tried for 2 hours today. This cannot be happening with a simple note taking app guys.

If i dont hear from someone from obsidian soon on this thread im going back to OneNote. OneNote syncs to the cloud automatically for free and ive never had an issue.

@jonneal3 I think it would be better to focus on problem solving rather than blame and threats. @CawlinTeffid asked some questions where the answers could help to solve the problem.

I can understand that it upsets you when something doesn’t work, but with a calmer manner and more facts, you could be helped much better (and would be much more inclined to do so).

best regards

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@rolfhh Uhhh yeah I said thanks to them for their help and i didn’t blame anyone - except obsidian lol… who is definitely to blame for the lack of support. I don’t see really much support from them on many posts i’ve seen.

Im sorry if my post hurt your feelings or whatnot, but i think its better to be truthful than just sugar coat things. Obsidian has some major major issues i’ve discovered in 1 month of use. Thanks.

This is a free community support forum. We’re glad to help when and where we can. But you should not expect direct 1:1 support from the Obsidian development team. (Sometimes they do answer.)

rolfhh makes a valid point, if you’ll listen. Even in your last reply, you are not providing any additional information or answers. If you’d like some help, you need to give information. It’s nothing to do with sugarcoating or hurt feelings. If you don’t give information, we can only guess what your issues are.

Obsidian doesn’t choose for you. You choose where the vault goes when you create it.

What did you try? Explain what you tried, or show screenshots of what you are seeing. What happens when it doesn’t open? Does the window disappear? Do you see an error? Does it freeze?

Have you tried reinstalling from the latest version?