Missing property types

What I’m trying to do

I am using version 1.5.3 and trying learn about properties. I am using — to start adding new properties and expect to see all the types available such as “Text”, “Date” etc

All I see is:

Why am I missing the standard types?

Things I have tried

Disabled a load of plugins and rebooted

There are only three default Properties (excluding the Obsidian Publish ones):

Obsidian comes with a set of default properties:

Property Description
tags See Tags.
aliases See Aliases.
cssclasses Allows you to style individual notes using CSS snippets - Obsidian Help.


If you open the Sandbox vault (Help / F1Sandbox vault), and type --- on line one of a note, you’ll see them there ready to go.

Anything else needs to be added by you or existing in a note already.

Those are not types but properties. So create new properties, and right click on that and you’ll see types pop up.

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holroy is referring to this:


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OK thank you. I realized I need to enter something first and then the types become available. Was confusing at first!

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