Missing Notion Database Data when Exporting to Markdown & CSV, or HTML

I’ve tried searching online and on this forum but can’t find any solutions to this specific problem. I’m starting to feel this is karma for using Notion in the first place.

I’m trying to migrate from Notion to Obsidian but I’m having trouble importing my notes properly. I used a node.js importer I found on this forum for converting the Notion “Markdown & CSV” export into readable files for Obsidian. While my regular pages seem to be intact, the pages within my databases are all missing their content - properties (tags, titles, dates etc) are all there, but the actual content from inside the page isn’t. In fact, most of the databases are only appearing as plain CSV.

I tried exporting my Notion workspace as HTML but again, all the content inside the pages in my database is missing (if I try to open a database HTML page in my browser, the database opens, but I click on a link to an entry and it says “content not found” or something similar). Plus, I can’t quite figure out how to import HTML files from my computer into Obsidian to begin with.

Is there any solution or way around this? I really want to stop using Notion and move to Obsidian properly, but I’m locked in to Notion if I have no way to recover my years of data stored in pages as database entries. I have literally thousands of pages in databases, so it’s not like I can export each one one-by-one.

If you need me to upload any screenshots to clarify anything I’ve said, please let me know and I’ll do so.

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I am also looking for a solution to this problem.

I am also comfortable using companion app other than obsidian to sort through my notes like we will do in notion

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