Misaligned line gutters with indented text

Steps to reproduce

To reproduce in the Help Vault, paste the following into a new help vault, including the empty spaces on the last line. You can see that the gutter values are misaligned



Expected result

  • The left-most gutter drawings should be aligned with each other
  • text indented with a tab (monospace) should be correctly positioned with four-spaces of width to the left

Actual result

Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 4.56.53 PM


  • Operating system: macOS
  • Debug info:
	Obsidian version: v1.0.3
	Installer version: v0.15.8
	Operating system: Darwin Kernel Version 21.6.0: Thu Sep 29 20:13:56 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8020.240.7~1/RELEASE_ARM64_T6000 21.6.0
	Login status: logged in
	Catalyst license: none
	Insider build toggle: off
	Live preview: off
	Legacy editor: on
	Base theme: dark
	Community theme: none
	Snippets enabled: 0
	Restricted mode: off
	Plugins installed: 6
	Plugins enabled: 1
		1: List Modified v1.3.3

Additional information

The first two lines are a text block.

The third line is empty.

The fourth line is a separate code block.

Different things are styled differently, so just part of Markdown?

If you think that screenshot looks good and correct, feel free to make a thread outside of bug reports and debate it there.

I’m not interested in arguing with random people why something that looks broken shouldn’t be fixed.

Related to: https://forum.obsidian.md/t/jumping-cursor-when-indenting-text-in-source-mode/49369

Related to …

I’m not sure they’re actually related, though you can experience them at the same time.

Just looking at the top three lines in the screenshot, you can see a misaligned gutter in the monospaced line. So it’s not necessary to do the behaviour mentioned in https://forum.obsidian.md/t/jumping-cursor-when-indenting-text-in-source-mode/49369