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Hello, I m looking for a plugin I didn’t find. I Explain my pb. I write my daily note and i would to link excactly the same things in other note. It’s like a mirroring note. Before I used Workflowy application and it was possible to do that. I searched on the plug in database, I found some plug-in like “copy block link” or “note linker” but it’s not that i want. Could u help me please ? thank u for the answers

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do you mean embedded note?

![[your_ daily_note]]

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No, he’s actually referring to a specific functionality (that I only have seen in workflowy before).
Maybe this video can help clarifying things.

So, from the point of view of Obsidian, the Mirror is an embedded backlink whose content can be manipulated directly from where the embedded backlink is. And the source of the backlink will be updated simultaneously.
This is what the post owner wants. Right?

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