Mirror Cursor Selection/Position in Linked Panes, Preserve Selection from Preview to Edit

This feature request is an addition to the Linked Pane feature:

When two panes are linked with one in Preview and one in Edit Mode, it would be helpful if the Preview Pane’s cursor/selection was mirrored in the Edit Pane.

This way, if you find something you want to correct as you’re scrolling the Preview, you can select the rendered version and have the associated lines selected for you in the Edit Pane.

Similarly, it would be useful for the Preview cursor position/selection to be preserved when toggling from Preview to Edit Mode within the same pane.

Currently, we can select text in a Preview Pane, but the selection is lost when switching to Edit Mode. This forces you to switch to Edit Mode first, and then re-locate the same selection you want to work on.

Thanks for considering! :grin:

Side Note: I’m not sure this feature should work from Edit to Preview. I wouldn’t want the Preview to be obscured by wherever my cursor happens to be in the Edit Pane, but it would definitely help when going from Preview to Edit.


Keeping the selection would be very useful.
Many many times, I’ve seen something I want to edit, highlighted it, then realised I’m in preview mode.
Switch to edit and hrm.

I’m sure your other suggestion is also just as useful, though I rarely link panes.

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