Mirror Blocks Between notes

Would be very useful have the ability to link blocks/Headings in one way or bidirectional way, i dont think in many cases embed notes/headings inside other notes is the best way

Example :

Note 1

Test 1

Note 2

Test 2

would be great to have a way to link the Test2 heading to he Test1, so when i create a bullet list or a content inside the Test2, it will populate the Test1 heading, and could be one way , Test2 to Test1 only or both way , if i add on Test1 it also adds in Test2

I think having a tool like that, will put obsidian in another level

I don’t see how this is different from embedding a heading or a third note

I have to agree with @WhiteNoise I’m not sure how this is different maybe you can elaborate.

yeah, sorry, i could had explained better
Basic, the embedded looks link a print image that i cant edit (only into the original note)
what I was trying to say, is that the connection between the blocks could be more integrated, like text, that i could edit in both blocks seamly
And could have a Different type of connection between blocks, one way or both way in a “text style” not a “image style” like the current embed

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