Minimizing obsidian to a tray

Just like the heading says, how can I minimize obsidian to a tray?

I close a window every time I finish doing work on it, but Obsidian always take a bit time to load when I start it. Unfortunately, I use Obsidian very often, so it takes a lot of time every day to reopen it. Are there any solutions?

That’s why I think about trays. They don’t fully close an application but just make the window disappear, which accords with my habit and reduces the time of reopening Obsidian.

If you are on Mac and have checked the OS option on your Dock preferences Minimize windows into application icon, this should be doable by clicking on the minimizing icon (usually yellow/orange) of the Obsidian application at the top left of the Obsidian window (assuming is not on full screen)

And if you’re on Windows, there’s RBTray

Thanks guys

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