Minimap for the Graph view

There’s a concept in video games called minimap, which shows a smaller version of the entire map to help with navigation.

It would be beautiful to have something similar for the graph view in Obsidian.

The minimap should be functional.

  • A rectangle would show the corresponding area of the graph that is visible on the screen (so the size of the rectangle would vary based on zoom level).
  • The minimap would allow you to scroll the graph.

Wacky idea

Another idea from games is that of fog of war. In certain games, the minimap is initially dark, and it is gradually revealed as you explore the world.

It would be fun to have a graph exploration mode in Obsidian, where the graph is gradually revealed as you navigate it.


You are thinking of something like that… ?

Yeah would be great… because sometimes you want to get an overview of the content down the page…

Sometimes I have to use code snippets, which can get quite long and do not fit in viewable area or have way to much text to fit in that always too tiny screen window…

Probably someone with css skill may create that as a plugin… As there is already a solution slushing around, it should be possible with a little effort… I guess, but I don’t know almost anything about css, so I have to wait for some time… too.