Minimal Theme

Minimal Theme 2.1.0 is now available (Theme + Plugin)

  • New “True Black” dark mode option
  • Hotkeys for all theme variants
  • Setting for monospace font

New version of the theme looks great! Though I am having two (related?) problems:

  1. Even with the plugins installed (and no other css) I dont have a right sidebar or any way to open it
  2. I cannot click on the details icon in the top right of the note (where a right sidebar ribbon would be)

I am on Mac OS with the newest version installed from the community plugins page.

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Re: 1. Make sure the plugins are installed and enabled, that you have the latest edition of the theme (gotta hit “use” manually, in the theme gallery), and check the settings of the Hider plugin.

Not sure about your specific problem but those things may be generically helpful.

The left and right sidebars are toggled via hotkeys in Minimal Theme. You can add those hotkeys by going to the settings.

There is an open feature request you can upvote to add view options to the macOS menu bar.

Thanks @ryanjamurphy, not the issue in my case, but helpful in general.
OK. @kepano I thought with minimal 2 none of the main UI elements were hidden by default? But for me it seems the right side ribbon is hidden, is that correct?

If I switch to another theme and open the right sidebar then everything works. But if the sidebar is closed the top right icon becomes unclickable except about a 1px wide sliver.

I just updated the theme. It should address your issues with the sidebar. @a_wue this should fix the issue for you too.

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Everything’s working now. Thank you very much!

That’s awesome, thank you so much! :pray:

@kepano, just installed the Theme and Plug-ins. BEYOND impressed and happy. Thank you!

Thanks for all of the positive feedback everyone!

If you enjoy Minimal theme, I’ve set up a Patreon where you can support my continued work:

Over the last 4 months I have pushed more than 130 commits to Minimal Theme, Minimal Theme Settings plugin and Hider plugin. I’ve also updated Minimal to support the latest insider build of Obsidian usually within 1-2 days of release and sometimes just a few hours. Would mean a lot to have your support even if it’s only $1 :slight_smile:


You can also support my work simply by sharing it on Twitter or other social media, and tag me @kepano on most platforms.


Such an awesome theme @kepano! Unfortunately I’m running into a problem with margins in edit mode. Margins preserved in Preview when shrinking the panes (or opening multiple panes), but not in Edit mode, where text gets cut off.

Not using any 3rd party plugins (safe mode is on) nor any other css - just using minimal 2.0 css. MacOS, Big Sur.

To reproduce: open note, switch to edit mode, shrink pane (or window) size.

Looking at the screenshots, the first thing I notice is that you don’t seem running the latest version of the CSS. Make sure you update to the latest.

I am not able to reproduce the issue on my side so I am wonder if perhaps you had Sliding Panes turned on before? Sometimes Sliding Panes doesn’t properly remove its classes and can cause some issues. Try restarting the app. Alternatively is it possible that you have a table or wider element lower on the page? Wide tables can sometimes cause an issue like this.

Just pulled the latest version from github and I see the same issue. I had been using sliding panes css (not plugin - i haven’t installed any plugins) but have completely replaced the obsidian.css file with your github version. Restarted Obsidian, still see same failure. The failure mode is independent of note contents. Even a simple “hello world” note has the same margin issues in edit mode once a 2nd (or more) pane is added or the window is resized.

@kepano - I also see the same issue if I open the Obsidian help file, go into Settings > Appearance > turn on Custom CSS and select Minimal from the community theme list. No plugins, no prior theming, etc. Obsidian v0.9.14, macOS, Big Sur.

@apgold Ah! I think I figured it out. Try turning off “Readable Line Length”. Minimal manages its own line length. I will see if I can address that scenario.

Great find!!! Ty @kepano - works perfectly now!

Minimal 2.2 is available (update both the theme and plugin)

New plugin options:

  • Define custom preview, editor and monospace fonts
  • Toggle underlines for internal and external links
  • Line width
  • Font sizes

Theme fixes:

  • Support for Segoe UI emoji
  • Fixes issue with readable line length
  • Fixes sidebar access when all mods are turned off

Sponsor my work:

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Just caught a couple bugs.

First: lines 1072-1076:

.markdown-embed-title ~ .markdown-embed-link,
.internal-embed[src*="#"] .markdown-embed-link {

This is nice, as it extends the link to the block across the whole text of the first line of the embed. However, if the embed’s a task, you can’t click the todo checkbox. Adding z-index: 1000 !important; to .markdown-preview-view .task-list-item-checkbox (lines 1266-1275) fixed it for me, although there could be a more elegant solution.

Second: there was no default font when the latest update to Minimal Settings is loaded (I’m running macOS). @kepano I think it must be that the options you’ve listed in the MinimalSettings class defaults aren’t valid somehow.

Great work as always! Loving the plugin-theme interplay.

Thanks, I hadn’t tested that case for the embeds. Will address it.

Regarding the default font — I encountered the same issue and am trying to get at the root of it. It seems to only affect you if you are upgrading from an older version of the plugin. Installing it fresh does seem to show a default font. I’ll investigate some more.

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Pushed a small fix. I’m simply adding :not to block level references because there are other scenarios that can break, such as having a link in the first line of the embed.

.internal-embed:not([src*="#^"]) .markdown-embed-link {