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@kepano : Markdown footnote syntax? What is the relationship between a sidenote and a footnote?

See @PR-C’s link to the Edward Tufte inspired description. For a non-paginated medium like Obsidian, sidenotes are a way to contextually position citations/references/etc to make them easy to read. Since they semantically replace footnotes, it seems best to use the Markdown syntax to stay in line with the Obsidian philosophy of future-proof notes.


I have seen Tufte’s description, it is what actually got me interested in sidenotes in the 1st place, and that was when I was already using footnotes a lot and still do.

I still don’t understand the relationship between sidenotes and footnotes, but I do not want to take up your time with that.

My reaction was merely to pcuellar’s comment that Markdown does not work with the sidenote snippet he uses. I have a different snippet and in sidenote text I can e.g. use **text** for bold, and it is rendered as such, even in Live Preview.

Hey @Klaas, thanks for sharing! I like the aside-in version of the sidenote.

I just tested Markdown syntax on text with the snippet I use and it renders it exactly like yours. My understanding of what @kepano was saying is that there is no native Markdown syntax to make sidenotes work. However, I saw yesterday a post on Discord by @holubj on a new plugin called Obsidian Dialogue Plugin that uses Markdown fenced codeblocks to produce side-to-side text. Maybe this can be leveraged to produce sidenotes?

@PR-C: I did not see that one because I don’t often go on the updates channel. They offer a lot more flexibility than the sidenotes. The only thing I would miss is the hide feature that sidenote offers.

Many thanks for sharing!

Here is the FR for the core feature: Parse markdown inside <details><summary> tags - #2 by argentum

Minimal 4.1.9 is now available with improvements for Live Preview

  • Support for rendered Dataview code blocks
  • Better line width support
  • Fixed underline settings for internal and external links

Minimal 4.2 Beta is now available to early access supporters, read more here:

Release notes:

Playing with 4.2 already. I’m curious as to how the embed-strict class is supposed to work. I added it on my yaml but the only difference I can see is that the line on the left of the embed has gone away. Is this how it is supposed to work or is it supposed to make transclusions displayed as part of a given paragraph?

Correct, it is intended to make transclusions look seamlessly integrated into the note (removes the title, borders and padding)

Minimal 4.2 is now available! Happy holidays everybody :christmas_tree:

Lots of details and screenshots in the release notes


Lovely work on this theme. Something I’ve noticed now using Live Preview: the dots for dot points don’t seem to be aligned right, and sit higher than they should. Is this something I can fix in settings? Thanks!

Screenshot 2021-12-24 8.43.32 AM

What font, font size and operating system are you using?

Thanks for your reply! I’m on Linux, using a chromebook emulator if that matters. The fonts are all default sizes, so 16 I believe. And the fonts are all the defaults, too – perhaps that’s where the problem is? See attached. Cheers!

Screenshot 2021-12-24 2.40.09 PM

Samma issue here with the bullets being just a tad to high. I use the latest version of Obsidian with Windows 11 and standard fonts. The body size is 20 in my case.

Give the latest version (v4.2.4) a try. I think this should be fixed now.

Perfect! Thank you!

Minimal 4.3 is now available!


Hi @kepano, I’ve found the issue that with the Minimal Theme Settings plugin enabled the Title Bar of the notes doesn’t show. Maybe this is due to the new Obsidian update?

I found that the “Focus Mode” toggle now hides the Title bar. Don’t know if this is intended or not. If so then nevermind :wink:

Yes this is intended, see 4.2 release notes

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