Minimal Theme Image Grid Help

I’d like to use the Image Grid functionality in the Minimal Theme but I can’t get it to work.

Things I have tried

Plugins I have installed and active:

  • Minimal Theme
  • Minimal Theme Settings - Image Grid switched on.
  • Contextual Typography - I know this is required.
  • Style Settings - Not sure if that matters.

I’ve followed the instructions in “Image grids, layout options and new focus mode” but images in preview and live preview still just show up vertically like before without columns.

Do I need to add frontmatter or a css snippet somewhere?

I think you need to add the cssclass:

cssclass: img-grid

(I’m not sure if you need others cssclasses… check this: Image grids)

Thanks @mnvwvnm - tried adding your suggestion to the frontmatter and it hasn’t changed. I tried some of the other ‘Helper Class’ tags like embed-strict and they don’t appear to change anything either. Are these tags defined somewhere that I’m missing?

Tried ↓

cssClass: img-grid
cssClass: embed-strict

main check:

  • is the minimal theme updated?
  • are all other necessary plugins enabled?
  • do you restart obsidian?

Just checked for updates, restarted, and the necessary plugins are Minimal Theme Settings and Contextual Typography which are both switched on.

I’m using the old “legacy editor” (without live preview)… so I don’t know if there’s any issue with the new codemirror… but I don’t think so.
You need to check other eventual local conflicts: css snippets, plugins, etc.

It’s not the live preview but could be another conflict. I just tried it in a ‘fresh’ vault and it works so maybe it’s a conflict with another plug in. I’ll play around with that a bit. Thanks for your help!

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