Inspired by the memoryOS app and the ancient technique of the mindpalace, I thought about how I could use this in conjunction with Obsidian. It’s about having a copy of your vault, or important parts of it, in your own memory, so to speak.

In this video you learn that languages across cultures are always created in the same spatial structure to describe the environment, reality.

In this way, you could derive a blank map from this, on which you could then place the notes and the information they contain in the sense of the Loci technique.
To do this, certain objects and prominent places would already have to be present on the map, to which the notes and their information could then be linked, preferably with emotion, history, interest, physical sensation, etc.

A three-dimensional map would probably be most suitable. This could be created with the help of AI, which generates objects and terrain from the aforementioned language structure where necessary. These could then be displayed using the Unreal 5 engine. You could then create a copy of this map in your own head and thus create your own large minddrive.