Having downloaded the mindmap plugin, I only know the title of the list that I want to branch.
The rest of the tabulated data is not shown.
What could be happening?

If it’s the Mind Map plugin from James Lynch, it uses only the headings and the bulleted items to form a mind map. I often use this to make a sort of graphical TOC for a note. If it’s obsidian markmind from Mark then it doesn’t show anything from the note, you have to add the main topic and the branches yourself by clicking on the right hand side of a branch. The two plugins do different things.

Putting bullet points doesn’t work for me either.
I only see the title, nothing more.

Which plugin are you using? So i can try to help further.

I use James Lynch’s plugin

That looks like the title is there (LOS 7 CLIMAS) but the other items are not marked as headings or list items so they won’t show up.

And how to mark them as headers or list items?

“# Title is a first level heading”
“## is a sub heading”
“### is a sub sub heading.”

That’s standard markdown syntax. Or just use a bulleted list for the items. either way works.


I present it this way and it doesn’t work for me either

You have the items indented, so they are formatting as “code block” not as headers.

If you specifically want the indentation then i suggest you make them a bulleted list which can be indented. Headers can’t be indented unfortunately as it’s not a part of the markdown standard.

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@ricky88 James Lynch’s plugin is based on Markmap … so you can test stuff here …