Mind Maps: ability to add XMind mind map files to Obsidian and open them with the default app

Currently, I have 2 places for my notes:

  1. Obsidian
  2. XMind mind maps, which are stored inside dropbox

And these two sources are not integrated. I want to store mind maps inside obsidian and be able to open and edit them inside the default app (XMind).

I guess it’s easy to implement but will allow Obsidian to integrate mind maps inside my notes network


This request can probably be combined with others about creating links to different file types using file links and/or custom URL schemes.


I am exactly in the same situation. I would love to have a better integration with XMind files

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I think you can insert it, since 0.10.10.

MindNode app actually solve it perfectly. Every file has its own Url-scheme link