Mind Map

I have enabled this plugin, and disabled safemode, but still cannot see any command that allows me to get it to work. The example I’ve seen appears to be using the graph view but this isn’t mentioned in the instructions (that I can see…).

Best to post issues in the relevant GitHub repository, else the plugin author might not see your questions. That said, plugins need to be enabled after they’ve been installed. Is it enabled in your installed list of plugins?

Got it. It is enabled.

Okay, as far as I know, then, you should:

  • Open a note in edit mode
  • Open the command palette (cmd/ctrl+p, by default)
  • Search for the Mind Map command

You can set that command to a hotkey via the Preferences → Hotkeys section.

Many thanks. I also posted the query to the git up section as suggested. I’ll try this.


Report back if it works, as I’ve seen a similar user in another thread about the plugin (Obsidian Mind Map Plugin is Mindblowing).

It works. Repositioning the pane it’s in is tricky. If i do it to, say, the left, it works. But it looks a bit small. Any attempt to resize the window it’s in causes it to disappear - leaving a ‘content not found’ message. I’ll post this to the relevant page in github.


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