Mimic Obsidian Publish's "On This Page"

On the official documentation there’s the “On This Page” section on the right with links to certain sections of the note (I would assume those are the headers, or maybe some type of special link, similar to anchor links in HMTL?).

How can I mimic these? I want to eventually subscribe to Publish and I would like to start preparing my files to look like the final website, including those links and the interactive graph (top right). How can I achieve these two things?

It’s apparently an option in “Publish” you can toggle On/Off :blush:

That is, if I understood correctly what’s in this Obsidian documentation page :sweat_smile: : Manage sites - Obsidian Help (more specifically, the Table of Content you’re looking for is mentioned as being a toggle under the header Components)
Same goes for the local graph (apparently, once more :sweat_smile: ).

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Thanks for sharing those links.
Yes, I think it’s the Outline option.
Maybe it’s indeed limited to Obsidian Publish.

The core Outline plugin will do this, give you a panel that lists all of the headers with indentation for subheaders. Clicking on a header in the Outline panel jumps you to that heading in the note.

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On desktop I think you should be able to setup your side panel kind of similar. Split the side panel in two and let one part have the local graph linked to current tab, and the other using one of the outline plugins to show the headers.

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Thanks! I didn’t know that.
It’s not the exact same layout as seen in Publish, but it helps. At least it allows us to check the links. I also noticed that it’s possible to rearrange sections by moving the headings on that list, which is pretty awesome.
Appreciate the tip!

Having a feature where we could build a Publish emulation for previewing purposes would be great.

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