MikroTik code highlighting

I’m new to Obsidian, first of all, thanks to all team that developed its.

As I work with MikroTik scripts have the highlight feature to this specific language will be a helping hand.

I’m using sublime to highlight it while writing the code and after copy it to obsidian.

If there is any way to add it by my self, just point the way and I will be happy to do it.


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I’m not familiar with that language, but I went and checked and, as of now, MikroTik doesn’t appear to be listed on the Prismjs website language list. I believe that Prismjs is the sole way that syntax highlighting works in Obsidian aside from possibly plugins. But maybe you are talking about adding the syntax highlighting some other way. I had a similar request here:

Since MAXScript was recently added as a supported language after I requested it on GitHub, I am very much looking forward to when Obsidian upgrades to v1.25.0 or greater of Prismjs. That being said, I have no clue whether that means the syntax highlighting will immediately work within Obsidian, as I am unsure whether every language gets ported. But I can hope! Edit: I just checked the new 0.12.19 insider build of Obsidian and it is currently using Prismjs 1.24.1, if I am understanding the developer interface correctly. Anyways in case you were considering requesting MikroTik support, I am happy to tell you that, after my request on the Prismjs GitHub, it only took about a day for a commit, and then less than a half month before it was merged, so it is definitely worth giving it a shot. Good luck!


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Thank you for you reply I will look forward

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@andre-m-faria No problem. I should clarify that I was talking about the quick turnaround for my request of MAXScript support. You would just need to make a request on the Prismjs GitHub page asking for MicroTik support. They are very responsive. Sorry if my wording was confusing. Good luck!