Migration from Freeplane

Hi. I use Freeplane for my mind maps, but it is missing some features I need.

  • First of all Freeplane is designed as mind map application so it has fundamental concept of a core node. Looking at Obsidian graph view I think it should be easy to implement dynamic “central” node, when you would select a node and it will move to the center showing closest related nodes around. Also it would be great to have “designed” or “initial” graph view/configuration (i.e. manually arranged nodes layout).

  • Classification of connections between nodes. Imagine, when connecting two nodes it would be possible to select what kind of relation is in between those nodes. And when viewing graph, to filter by relation what nodes to show around selected one. I remember thinking that would be great to dynamically arrange nodes in circle to see connections better, because number of connections was higher than number of nodes

  • A node could have any number of connections of any kind to one or all other nodes.

Features which Freeplane has and I constantly use :

  • Visual styles for everything (like CSS), color, font, size etc.

  • Attributes for nodes (or call them hash tags), this is for same purpose as with connections.

  • Node’s note, a text/picture/links that appear when pointer is hovered over a node.

So I guess this question is for people who are familiar with Freeplane and Obsidian.
In general sense and sense of features I mentioned, can Obsidian replace Freeplane (also bringing features Freeplane lack of)?