Migrating from Roam. How do I change to infinite scroll daily notes mode?

Googling ended up confusing for me.

I have hundreds of notes like this in Obsidian now

My ideal workflow will be to land on a page where all these different date notes are shown in chronological order, and I can do infinite scroll on this.

Every new day, a new daily date template gets injected to the top.

Once the infinite scroll is enabled, if can get to archive the different date notes, perfect.

Would the Daily Notes Editor Community Plugin work for you?

Is this the one: GitHub - Quorafind/Obsidian-Daily-Notes-Editor: A plugin for you to edit a bunch of daily notes in one page(inline), which works similar to Roam Research's default daily note view.?

Yes, I just searched for daily notes in Settings -> Community Plugins and that seemed like the most fitting for your usecase but do check out the other ones. I’ve not used it myself.

I think there might be more than 1 plugin that does something like it. There’s also at least 1 thread here in the forum with a bunch of discussion about the idea.

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