Migrating from handwritten Bullet Journal to Obsidian (global task check-off)

Hi everyone

I recently ditched my handwritten Bullet Journals for Obsidian. I have been using the Bullet Journal system for years but always found that the notes were of no real value as I was unable to search through them productively, hence the move to Obsidian!

I want to know if there is a way for me to pull tasks into my Daily note from another (monthly note), and when completed it will also check-ff the task in the parent note.

At the moment I know how to pull the tasks in using the tp.file.include operation but is there a way to make this dynamic?

I’m an advocate for a slightly variant over this topic. My setup is that I define the task in any given daily note, and use a side panel to show all active task for the current period, and tasks to be migrated from previous period. See below for more on the setup.

This way I’ve reduced the overhead of shifting tasks around, and I’ve got one place to handle my tasks.

Just some for thoughts, as I think the scheme you’re aiming for is not easy to accomplish.

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