Migrating back to Roam research

The reason i migrated from roam was for the plugins but from India I’m not able to use community plugins. Plugins I install are wiped out in every 24 hours whenever the github is unavailable and I have to install and configure the plugins daily.

One another good reason for the obsidian is it used all markdown files. Now, since I have moved from Roam in first place I wanted to know how I can migrate only the recent changes I made in obsidian and not all the changes which would result in duplicate in Roam. Any help appreciated.

No need to migrate anywhere, mate.

I’m not sure how GitHub or even Obsidian would proceed in the way you described, but there are ways to mask your Indian IP address.
Windscribe has free 10GB per month VPN and you can use multiple accounts if you run out of quota.
At least I used to use their services before (for completely different reasons, of course).

Also, ask around on Indian forums or at Prakash Joshi Pax’s YT channel, how they are handling their daily Obsidian challenges.

In case you hadn’t already seen this: “We’ve had reports that an ISP in India has blocked GitHub at the DNS level, which Obsidian uses to update themes and plugins. You can fix it by switching to a different DNS server, then restarting Obsidian.”

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