Migrating attachments to a central (out of vault) location?

I use Obsidian for journaling, and I embed a lot of images and video snippets in my daily notes. This means that the size of my vault gets quite large over time. To ensure that my vault stays managably sized (and is easy to sync between devices), I’d like to periodically migrate my attachments to a central location outside the vault (my NAS), while preserving the embeds in my daily notes.

The result im going for is that my journal’s text is always available, but embeds of images that have been ‘archived’ in this way will only show up when im connected to my NAS.

I’d also like to preserve my current workflow of embedding photos and videos to obsidian directly day-to-day, but then migrate them to the NAS periodically, in chunks (bimonthly or semiannuallyish). Migrating media to my NAS and then embedding them into Obsidian from there is too much of a hassle to bother with every day.

My thought on how to do this would be to:

  1. backup my vault
  2. use a plugin like Consistent Attachments to convert media embeds from wiki-links to markdown links with relative filepaths.
  3. copy my attachment folder onto my NAS
  4. use a text editor to transform the relative links i created in step 1 to absolute links that point at my attachment folder’s new location on the NAS, outside the vault.

Two questions:

  1. would this approach work?
  2. is there a better way to accomplish what I’m aiming at?

I know that if I use Obsidian sync, I can mark certain folders as non-syncing, but it doesn’t seem like that’s a solution for what im shooting for here. Or is there a way I could set up a primary vault on my NAS that all secondary devices push attachments to but wont pull attachements from?

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